#1 Best Food Storage Seminar! Wendy DeWitt

#1 Best Food Storage Seminar! Wendy DeWitt


  1. Mark Desrochers says

    Anyone know where to find the jar? sealer she uses, everyplace even deni does not carry them anymore? Also are there any other canneries out there other then LDS? Only reason I ask is the closest one to me is 4-5 hours away.

  2. Olya Clarkson says

    The Deni JarVac is not sold anywhere anymore, not even QVC. The only thing I can find is a food sealer and some jar? attachments with a hose. Where can I buy one?

  3. SequelFinalNight says

    Can someone PLEASE tell? me? what is the safest food storage you can buy with almost no? toxins like Corn Syrup and GMO’s? Organic if possible anyone please help…..

  4. That’s a good idea – then it wouldn’t get between? the seal and the jar when the vacuum pulls. I also have cut a circle out of a paper napkin or coffee filter and laid it on top the powdered eggs, milk, flour, etc I was dry sealing to keep it out of the seal. It works most of the time.

  5. I use the 90/10 or 93/7 (very? low fat content) ground beef with good results. I don’t have jars over a year old because we use it, but have not had a problem. I also pressure can butter (am using butter from 2009!) and it’s a high fat product. (See Katzcradul’s video on butter.) I store chips and crackers in jars, vacuumed sealed, and they? stay very crispy! It’s great to be able to buy chips, crackers, cereal, granola bars, etc on sale and preserve them for a year or two!

  6. Hello – I have never had ground meat come out that way. I assume you are using a pressure canner, and chopping the cooked meat up (unless its raw). I use the 90/10 or 93/7 (very low fat content) ground? beef with good results. I am now dry canning the ground meat (as opposed to filling the jar with water after I pack it), also with good results. What is your process?

  7. Jeanette Grisham says

    Hi. I’m new to this website. My hamburger seems it’s grainy. I can it raw and cooked and it still grainy. I just don’t know what I’m? doing wrong..

  8. savgal1211 says

    I have 40 lbs of chicken breasts, 50 quarts of beef stew,? etc etc and I have a good sirloin chilli I have 80 pints of.. Also, Have you been to the LDS CannerY? We are not Mormon, but have been 8 times now. I always donate extra to them! They are great!!

  9. savgal1211 says

    I have pressure cammed for 4 yrs and have done Ground sirloin and Chuck, IF you get LOW fat content, it will work.. Get the Ball Blue Book, the Bible on canning! Also, Univ Of GA has agreat food safety web page. I only follow STRICT and Proven recipes, creativity and canning are a bAD mix! Any oily food can’t really be stored.. Chips can’t be, as they are starchy and oily.. PeanutsI have not tried, I? just keep them in the can.The Ball Book is a great help!I

  10. Patrick Alaggio says

    You’ve got to love this woman and the knowledge she has shared with us. Fantastic presentation!? TYVM!!

  11. You canned hamburger! I have previously learned that hamburger and other greasy meats can not be canned because the fat gets rancid. So, which is the truth. To can fat or not?
    Also, I need to know if foods with oils, such as brown rice, peanuts, and chips? can be stored long term? You seem to show that they can all be vacuum packed, but whats the rules?
    Other than that, AWESOME VIDEO! Do more.

  12. Boo hoo.?

  13. Robert Pruitt says

    Hysteria? Really?
    Tell that to the people suffering after Katrina and Sandy.
    the fact is almost every area of the country has its disasters and as we have seen from the above mentioned storms you can’t expect help to show up the next day. Having at least a month of supplies will keep you from dumpster diving like they were doing in NY. And in reality, that wasn’t even? all that big of a storm, only a cat1, Imagine what those people would have faced if it had been a cat 4/5.

  14. Have you ever got? anything from LPC Survival Ltd?

  15. oiyabastard says

    mmmmm great way to attract meat milar bags?

  16. buyerofsorts says


  17. garliclover01 says

    How and where can I get a copy of Wendy’s? book??????

  18. garliclover01 says

    What if you put the spices into little plastic bags and put those into the jar and vacuum closed it? Like enough for one batch of food in each little plastic bag, that way you could pull out that you needed and reseal? the rest.

  19. LDS, Catholic, Evangelical or Jewish I am pretty sure that Solomon wrote down these principles a long, long time ago. We just need to listen

    “In the house of the wise are stores? of choice food and oil,
    but a foolish man devours all he has.” –Proverbs 21:20

  20. I’d bust? a nut in her fart-hole.

  21. joshuafarnsworth says

    Thank you for posting this! I just posted? the link in the comment section.

  22. maddex2000 says

    Try going to EVERYTHINGUNDERTHESUNBLOG at Blogspot. YouTube won’t let me? post the link. Go to the very last post and I believe this is the pamphlet in blog form.

  23. JoannaMuse says

    A? Bite Of Independence book is $85.00 on amazon