6 Favorite EDC Blades for Nov 2010

6 Favorite EDC Blades for Nov 2010


  1. Photo314159 says

    I ordered one of the Paramilitary 2’s. You seem to love them,? so that’s good enough for me!

  2. This is essentially a video highlighting what? are, arguably, some of the 6 best EDC knives ever made. Your comment is essentially an ignorant ejaculation by someone who feels the need to showcase stupidity.

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  4. wildfireman13 says

    You have a lot? to learn about folders. That Chris Reeves Sebenza is one of the best folders ever made. All these knives perform amazing it the field.

  5. NickSparkss says

    Only one of those knives had a liner lock you dipshit. There’s the Spyderco Sage 1 with a liner lock, then there’s a few framelocks, a compression lock on the Para-2, and a lockback on the Endura.

    And it’s funny? that you would say that a production model Benchmade is superior in quality than a Chris Reeves Sebenza or a Mick Strider SNG, which are both some of the most sought after knives in the world because of how high quality the materials, construction and strength are.

  6. you fucking idiot!, only one of those knives has a LINER LOCK, you stupid twat.?

  7. bubonicplay minimalist says

    These knifes? are SHIT. Try Benchmade or something without a fucking LINERLOCK!

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  9. danthedark96 says

    Why dont you carry your spyderco? citadel???????
    I love mine.

  10. Zube Pavao says

    Every? Day Carry

  11. Ryan Smoliak says

    Every? Day Carrier.

  12. chevymalipoo says

    (E)very (D)ude? (C)ums

  13. TomShootsPhoto says

    Every Damn? Clock

  14. JMRabil675 says

    im so drunk right now wtf am i? doing

  15. Cajun Blaze says

    everyday? carry

  16. josephfarrell77 says

    What does edc stand for ? :-P?

  17. every? day? carry

  18. Austin Bostick says

    every? day carry

  19. FrostBladeGaming says


  20. Cajun Blaze says

    Bought a lot of my knives from? Shooters and also pick them up on line.

  21. eliteslayer2011 says

    blaze where do u get your spydercos i? want one and i live near laffayet shouters

  22. eliteslayer2011 says

    every day carey?

  23. Evan Rogers says

    every day carry

  24. TheAntonoff says

    7:12? my favorite

  25. createrman1999 says

    If anyone is selling a knife like these then please? contact me cheers