Bug Out Bag Survival kit

Bug Out Bag Survival kit


  1. Kristoffer Norris says

    what if? you need to shit ? xD

  2. Brand name doesn’t mean? better.

  3. Theodore Irelan says

    I just made a video of my Bug? Out Bag if anybody wants to check it out.

  4. thebushcraftdude says

    72 people don’t want to survive a shtf? situation

  5. WesToler23 says

    I love the multi-tool with the compass where did u get it and how much I want one so bad!!! Lol all in all a very compact bag. A few suggestions: 1.) lose the gas mask maybe get a couple mask like dentist wear. It ain’t the best? but it saves a lot of room. 2.) In my bug-out bag the food I keep is 1 bag of trail mix (good for energy) 1 jar of JIF peanut butter has about a 2 year shelf life 2 cans of chicken noodle soup (i can eat that hot or cold) 3 of the 4 packs slim Jim’s and 4 or 5 payday ca

  6. Woah calm ya tits?

  7. michael wilkerson says

    just an idea for you put your radios in a bag you use? for film when sending it through a x-ray device. it will keep an emp from destroying them

  8. bassie1944 says

    And do have one of those bottles to drink water? when wearing the gasmask?? very handy.

  9. bassie1944 says

    Buy a few MRE’s ? lightweight good food whit heater everything taste pretty good.

  10. patrick91134 says

    Compact? bow and arrow

  11. Try some freeze dried food packages. Whole meals plus long storage life compact? and lightweight.

  12. stonenstrop says

    Comprehensive outfit. Consider one large heavy knife – i.e. Schrade Extreme 9 (? Amazon) or a good small hatchet. Good for chopping or defense. Your large stone? is good, but you could lighten your load by just taking 1/2 of it. Good work. stonenstrop

  13. 192DILLIGAF says

    And some type of wire for snare or fishing, guitar strings would proberly do, but not sure about that. Also how will you sharpen you knives? Blade? tech do small compact sharpeners but that Mora has a scandi grid so will be tricky with out a sharpening stone. Get some zip lock water proof bags in their too, for tinder, combustion type stuff, also you can boil stuff inside the bags.

  14. 192DILLIGAF says

    Dude nice vid, instead of protein sorce being canned food use protein powder, lighter, takes up less room, crush tablets into power, note the amount of powder per tablet? so you can keep dosage correct, this is loads of stuuf btw, yes you’d survive but camping is starting to take place not surviving. Nice vid though

  15. kayakayatan says

    Gotta give props! Y? U may ask. First guy to I’ve seen to put condomns in his bugout bag! Lol genius?

  16. thenobalnacho says

    The? rodent trap is a top idea

  17. jake ankovich says

    if you want to survive? you better get out of the uk in the first place

  18. Gingersweets1 says

    Great job on Ur survival pack. I also have a sling shot & it 2 has been modified 4 arrows, but if U go on WalMart.com or go 2 any archery places, Or better? yet, watch Dave Canterberry Wilderness Outfitters & he can show U a better way 2 modify Ur sling shot. U buy this Whisker Biscuit Replacement & U can attach it really easy & it works really good Thanx 4 sharing Ur survival pack with us 😉

  19. ChrisKaliber says

    I don’t know everyone’s reason for creating a big out bag. I personally don’t subscribe to end time fear but bad things can happen so I’ve started thinking? about creating a bag for my wife and I.

  20. You? forgot bog roll, and a decent-sized hip flask of cognac.

  21. Nathan Musgrove says

    Nice? cooking set

  22. Nathan Musgrove says

    Um I wouldn’t put the? alarm

  23. xstonedsnailxbox says

    Astranought food less waight and size and every? thing you need

  24. Dude
    .. Meusley with dried fruit and lots of nuts and seeds. Tuna is good, so are saardines, dried meat and have a store in your home base with lots? and lots and lots of cans..

  25. whinchester twelvegauge says

    Smart? idea with the bick