Camillus Pilot Survival Knife / Ontario 499 ASEK Review & Demonstration

Camillus Pilot Survival Knife / Ontario 499 ASEK Review & Demonstration


  1. do they still make these anymore if not what knife is similar to this knife?

  2. virginiaSUX says

    the holes are used to secure it better as a spear along with the grooves in the handle, you could use it for a lanyard fitting also. its very useful, cutting it off would be like cutting the sights off your rifle, it wil still? work but now its just that much less usefull

  3. virginiaSUX says

    who ever owned mine before me sharpened the top? part i dont know why someone would do that, i kept the handle guard the way it is but i have huge hands so it doesnt bother me when i choke up on the blade

  4. andygoldusa says

    Read somewhere that the early models had threaded on butt caps, and later were peened on. Also the hexagonal cap supposedly would perfectly fit into lthe end of a two piece life raft paddle. The paddle? had a hexagonal opening to accept the other half of paddle. The holes in the knife were lashing it on. Can’t determine if the aforementioned is totally true, but it’s what I read in a knife forum posted by a respected member.

  5. Actually there is a practical use if you crash land you can use the nut end to smash the instruments, crack the perspex of the canopy (as of 1960 design) , to ease escape, hit anything that needs additional pressure ie escape hatches, hammer aluminum panels for use as a sled in snow using harness straps, i have even heard of a pilot hitting a shark on the nose with it to deflect it (anecdotal), it is also on ASEK same reasons, many more,? demonstrated on a course i attended. Wide uses good design

  6. Thanks for the info. Yea, you use quite a bit of force while spearing something. I can see the danger of it breaking. But I just want to see exactly how to use those holes to make one. Just out of? curosity at this point. I found out why the butt is hexagonal. It is because it is basicly a nut. It is part of the construction of the knife. There is no practical application.

  7. The original model pre 1963 had a 6 inch blade so i was informed and they cut the? size down for safety then later added the metal plate. If you check out Korean war pilots they carried what was a more general hunting knife, good views can be seen of 2 models in the Bridges of Toko Ri on the life vests of William Holden and his boss the CAG.

  8. I honestly cannot see sense in using a survival knife? designed to cut aircraft skins, perspex or seat straps or even parachute harness to cut steel nails. I would never abuse any knife like that. I owna nd have used the USAF knife and the ASEK.

  9. Not recommended to use your only knife in survival as? a spear, better to make a spear tip and some arrowheads before you get into a survival situation. I can also recommend making a fishing spearhead. Having been on a number of aircrew and other survival courses with the British forces i can vouch for their usefulness.

  10. leonscottkennedyre4 says

    i bought one of these from the 50’s, and have beat the shit out of it just to test? its strength and its by far the strongest knife i’ve ever used, only bad thing is resharpening it is a bitch.

  11. For what it’s worth, you? should really re-blue the blade on that one in the video. It’s an easy job, and it’d make that knife look ten times nicer.

  12. Wire tang, the original hilt was drilled out so one could put cord through it for retention or setting a snare/trap. The knife is surprisingly well balanced for throwing, and that metal plate on? the sheath has been there since at least the 60s, because I inherited my Uncle’s pilot’s survival knife, which served him through his tours in Viet nam with the USAF and Air America.

  13. 308bushmaster says

    I? learn so many cool stuff on you tube. Thanks guys

  14. this knife and my ka-bar are my two favorite? fixed blades

  15. ThePoorMansButter says

    My dad gave me this exact knife, when I? was a kid. Best fucking knife I own…It sure is great to have a family that is connected to this kinda stuff, old knives,old guns. Love it!

  16. I’ve always loved mine. Its my camping knife. Is there any reason that the butt of this knife is hexagonal? Also, how are the 2 little holes in the guard (the one that is ground off on this knife) utilized?? I assume that it is used to make a spear, but I would like to know exactly how.

  17. andy johnson says

    i have a valor japanese jet pilot survival fighting knife its in almost new condition #998 its worth 75 to 130? dollars with origonal case

  18. zorro70066 says

    I have? carried one of these knifes since 1975, I moved the sharping stone to my pack and carry a Mag. fire starter block and #11 scapal blade in the pouch. Also I wrapped nylon twine and snare wire around the back of the scabard belt loop area.

  19. KJCurtis6595 says

    i have the exact same the leather on handle is a little dried but not to bad the stone is broken and 3/4 of the stone is stuck in pocket blade needs sharpening . i got it from my dad, he got it from airborne? school graduation 22 years ago… i was so syched

  20. Eerik Karhu says

    the blade on the back was so you could stab someone and? pull up to slice them open if you needed to

  21. Brenton Piper says

    I have had this knife for about? 15 years now. It is one of the best knifes i own and i carry it everywhere.

  22. i got? one of these online. Love it. I liek the old school design, good knife.

  23. CPHannigan says

    Did? you check online? There’s plenty around the internet, available for purchase.

  24. Do you still have this knife,? and do you still use it?

  25. MrNappyboy1212 says

    were can i? get one