CRKT M-16 10KZ EDC Knife

CRKT M-16 10KZ EDC Knife


  1. Endo335Hunter says

    I got my? CRKT M16-10KZ from my dad after my other knife got a chip in the blade.

  2. In what country is? this knife made?

  3. theotherkairi says

    got that knife 17 bucks at big 5?

  4. weWILLskate says

    Must buy this knife…?

  5. MrSerialxX says

    Just got one for $55.. it’s rather difficult to get AutoLAWK type folders? in Australia. Our laws stink, they’re so ridiculous especially concerning folding knives.

  6. iDeviceH4ck says

    My best friend gave? me a CRKT M16-13ZM OPERATION enduring FREEDOM Edition for my birthday

  7. Gvardietis says

    I have? one.

  8. bigdaddyitalia22 says

    I’m thinking of geting one of the bigger sizes
    How do u like it after use did it hold up well and how did the blade shape? hold up for ya

  9. malaihiboi says

    Just picked up one for $30 bucks at sports authority. Feels real nice and sturdy. Pretty sharp. The lock on it is awesome, don’t have to worry about it folding on me… It looks? pretty sweet too.

  10. wcopeland38 says

    Great Video I’m ordering one right now for myself.?

  11. ShadowMachine00 says

    From what ive read they are now made much more cheaply in china. So for $20 you get a very poorly made knife. I have a older m16 and? it is very good quality. The older ones that werent made in china cost alot more.

  12. MrGlockJock25 says

    I just put this on my CHRISTmas list. Looks like a very? nice knife

  13. gunenciclopedia24 says

    i have the? m16-10z that i got last night, and love it already

  14. It is a knife you can get for $15 bucks on ebay, and it is barely worth that money. I just received a? new one today and let me say it is one cheap knife. Note that all CRKT knives are now made in China. The machining of the thumb jibbing has imperfections. Same concerns from a cosmetic point of view, e.g., the red paint on the autolawks mechanism bled all over the device. It is overall sloppy and rushed. The blade does not deploy and lock as easily as it should. Save your money.

  15. usmc11able says

    i have 2 of this modle of knife just with the spear point tip and plain edge blade, and? lemme tell ya people who dont have them, its a cool little knife and most people dont realize how strong it is, i had to use the one for light bottoning the one time at camp and it worked like a charm and it was still in perfect shape after me throdling on the back of the poor little thing with a good sized botton, also holds a edge not bad and sharpens easily

  16. What is? the price of this excellent knife?

  17. I just picked up the silver? blade version of this for $12 =)

  18. Survival108010 says

    This is a great knife. I carry it everyday at? work and home. Like you, I really like how they designed the clip. It never gets in the way.

  19. pontiacmaniac2 says

    I got mine brand new for 17 bucks,? so far i love it.

  20. I’m? getting this llol

  21. you just have to play with it a little bit. i can open my m16-12 just flicking my wrist. I use? it alot though. It should loosen up.

  22. I bought this knife for my wife to carry in her purse. I love CRKT and I carry the? m16-12 which is the medium one. I also have the large one.. but its HUGE lol.

  23. Use a steel to sharpen the? non serated part. No problem

  24. I bought one of these knifes probably 4 or 5 years ago, lost it under a bush a couple weeks after I got it and managed to find it while doing some cleaning in the yard about a year ago. The knife was caked in the red mud we have around the northeastern Piedmont of NC.? Soaked it in some oil overnight, took it apart, cleaned everything and it came out perfect aside from a slight discoloration of the plastic on the handle. I was amazed at the condition and now its my favorite EDC blade.