Episode 14 – Emergency Essentials boxed water storage

Episode 14 - Emergency Essentials boxed water storage


  1. Right now I am doing a little research on emergency essentials as I am a little leery when I buy stuff online. I take? it they are pretty good in general?

  2. wishbone1138 says

    Depends on the tap water. Generally tap water is already treated pretty heavily, but I have seen cases where even? tap water will grow things after a long period of time. It’s a good idea to rotate out your water sources depending on heat and where they are stored if at all possible.

  3. you dont? have to treat tap water correct

  4. wishbone1138 says

    the redcross says that? 2l soda bottles are fine but in warm climates lower end plastics have been shown to break down in heat and leach into the water so I’d invest in something a bit higher quality. The red cross also recommends changing the water every 6 months. If you do a google search for “storing water in plastic bottles” they are the first hit with a good pdf on just the subject you’re asking about. Goodluck and thanks for watching.

  5. paracordjunky says

    I have a question for you when it comes to storing water in your vehicle does it matter how long it sits in there and if it gets hot from the weather? I am just wondering about? the plastic getting warm and leeching chemicals into the water. I just have a 2liter jug from a coke bottle filled up. I live in a mild climate but during the summer it gets hot.

  6. wishbone1138 says

    Thanks? for the heads up! Good info to have.

  7. sadieblooming says

    I would not put my water inside a coardboard box with without a mouse trap nearby. A mouse came by and chew thru our box and spill water all over our essentials below the box. Essentially,? almost destroying the little rice we had. We had two mouse traps set up but they failed to snap the mouse.

  8. sadieblooming says

    I leave my boxes with these paper tape in the rain and sun and it’s still holding up. We even? made “boat regattas” out of them and some of these boats never sink during the long race. Wow.

  9. sadieblooming says

    If the box leak onto an ordinary clear tape it’ll loose its adhesion. The tape that come with the box is activated by water which means it’s happy to be? around water and likely to hold up.

  10. sadieblooming says

    That? packing tape is super strong because it’s reinforce with fiberglass. It doesn’t wear out thru time like mailing tape. But if you put too much water or put too little water, it’ll fail to work. Leanr how to work with it and you’ll love it.

  11. Moonteeth62 says

    You have to remember one thing, the only way for stored water to go”bad” would be from external contamination. In fact, stored water tends to become more sterile over time. Nutrients just don’t appear, and no food means no bacteria? or fungus.

  12. applefan236 says

    Isn’t? that mylar not metal?

  13. kumquatsta says

    cody? lundin – the other dual survivor

  14. Do you think you could just build the box put the empty bag into? it and then start filling the bag?

  15. TheHolySpirit says

    A great gadget, but at $1,690.00 plus $1,390.00 for the solar upgrade home version, it’s not half as affordable as some kind of water treatment and a bunch of water bags 😉 Oh, and anything that relies on electrical circuits is susceptible to EMP which is a viable? threat these days.

  16. AndrewXAnarchy says

    Nice Y-Wing haha.?

  17. Valetudo21 says

    You could make this kit cheaper by purchasing 5 gallon mylar bags, sealing the bags with a flat hair iron except for one corner. Put a hose into the corner, fill it up as far as you can still pinch the corner. Seal the corner and you have water stored.?

  18. Valetudo21 says

    Get? a Big Berkey with an extra set of filters.

  19. Heres a solar-powered machine that produces drinking water from air -? H2OGenerator(dot)com

  20. The tape actually works great. My boxes, although need changed, have been stored? in our pantry for 1 or maybe 1.5 years.

  21. solomonred1 says

    I like your reasons for using the mylar bags and box? for water. I live in an urban NYC) area, so when an emergency happens here, there is very little time when 8 million people around begin to panick.

  22. Aluminized? Mylar Bag

  23. Thanks for the informative video. You can never be? TOO prepared!

  24. wishbone1138 says

    thanks for the comments. Your setup is DEFINITELY more ideal. This is a relatively cheap option to store a lot of water that is still portable. I don’t have a lot of storage room in my house and storing water outside (120F in the summer) isn’t very ideal. So? it was an ok solution for me. Thanks for commenting though, there’s lots of great ways to store water and you certainly sounds very well prepared!

  25. usatodaywife says

    I have these–it’s difficult getting a 40 pound bag of water into the box–having a helper hold the box might be easier–I did it alone and it was hard due to the weight of the bag and the square box. You might consider putting the bag in the box first (making sure pour? spout is lined up ready for use) then use a drinking water safe hose to fill it. I’m glad I only bought 5 boxes.

    My main water supply is now in 55 gallon barrels, 5 gallon jugs, and also a few cases of 24 oz. water bottles.