Food Storage: Pepper Gravy Mix, in Mason Jars

Food Storage: Pepper Gravy Mix, in Mason Jars


  1. Peter Brown says

    My first reaction is, why not just store it in the original plastic bags? What is? the back aged expiration life span?

  2. technician775 says

    thanks……hope to start rotating out in? a few months…..

  3. 2012RaptureEvent says

    Once a grain has been milled down to flour, the shelf life changes darasticlly. The shelf life of flour exposed to oxygen, will last roughly one year, and then the flavor and nutrition drops off sharply, & will go bad. Now if you mitigate the 5 critical factors, (oxygen, temp, moisture, sun/light, bugs) couse food deteriation, you can greatly improve your shelf life. However, flour, much like brn? rice even in best conditions has less than a 2 year shelf life. Store ate front end of your preps!

  4. technician775 says

    hi, ok i see what you are saying, i usually? do not vacuum seal salt, not much is going to bother salt, but i still do not like the use of paper bags, maybe the newer bags are ok, but the ones i remember, roaches use to hatch from them, although, with a good vacuum pulled you should be ok, i would just keep an eye on them though, good luck with your preps !

  5. photovirginiadm says

    OK, I looked today and I ordered 100 of the 100cc absorbers. So with my flour, sugar, salt, etc. I will just put them in jars and put one of them in each jar. I have the link to the LDS cannery but the closest one to me is about 4 hours away. I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying though. The video I saw, the person put the salt in paper lunch bags and then put them in the jar and sealed them with the Food? Saver. That way it didn’t clog up the Food Saver when you seal it.

  6. technician775 says

    I LOVE your photo!…well, take all items out of paper bags, use foil, etc if you need to, Take as much out of the packets as possible, pack in mason jars, look online for the LDS website on food storage items, some items you can store some you can not, i can not post a link here, but i can if you PM me. I do not recommend using a paper bag to? store flour in, use the oxygen absorbers for that. you can use a 100cc to a 300 cc for each quart jar.also, look for LDS online store for oxygen absorbers

  7. photovirginiadm says

    Have a question for you on storing different things. I do have the Food Saver & both of the jar sealers, do I need to store things like the little packets of Chicken & Rice mix, oatmeal packets, bread crumbs, pasta, cocoa in jars or are they OK in their packages? Also, someone did a video using lunch bags for storing things like flour in jars…do you know anything about that? I? ordered some oxygen absorbers but didn’t know there were different sizes so don’t know what to use them for. Thanks!

  8. technician775 says

    Oh and thank you for the complement,? do a google search on food storage shelf life The LDS church and its people have some great info on shelf life on foods. good luck!.

  9. technician775 says

    Hi, if i understand you correctly, you want to know what has to? be repacked, everything if it comes off the shelf in a regular grocery store, Manufactures package food for about a two year or so shelf life, I don’t know of a complete list of packaged foods and shelf life, but two years is about normal. I hope this helps, if not send me a private message, glad to answer all questions. Steve

  10. Love the vids. I do have one question, like in this one with the gravy, what do you think is the ‘shelf life’ as packages as compared to the mason jars?? I’ve just been wondering as far as what MUST be repackaged and what will keep on its on as it comes from the store. Have you ever came across a list that gives good examples of everyday items and what will last as packaged / or needs to be repackaged. Thanks

  11. dander2000 says

    By the way, your videos are are just so excellent! You explain as you work, tell why you do or don’t? do such and such. AND, I can hear every word you say. Thank you for that.

  12. dander2000 says

    Where did you get your jar vacuum sealers. Mine are new and came from Food Saver but they don’t have that black ring at the bottom like yours. Having awful troubles with mine. Sometimes 5 times to seal a jar? and have checked everything I can think of. Checked jar (new) for nicks, lids (new) to be sure no trash on them, clean the blue ring to be sure no trash on it. Do you have any suggestions? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  13. technician775 says

    you are welcome,? good luck on your preps!

  14. savgal1211 says

    Thanks for putting videos out here. 😕 )

  15. technician775 says

    GREAT!!!… good to? be prepared !….you are one of the smart ones 🙂

  16. technician775 says

    hi, stick to the oxygen absorbers, we know that works,,, the crackers? and rice will help keep moisture out, not oxygen…..

  17. savgal1211 says

    I canned 40 lbs of Hershey Cocoa with that Food Saver, Love it! We are at 2.5 yrs? of food now stored.. I pressure canned alot of meats and stews I made from scratch..

  18. technician775 says

    007, if they still have not lowered, after a couple of hours, check a couple of things, fresh oxygen absorbers, if they are good, remove the lids, with a damp cloth, wipe the rims of the jars, rinse the lids to ensure any powder is removed, wipe them clean, inspect rubber seal for no breaks, use new lids if you have them, if the oxygen absorbers are new, lids are? new and rims on jars? are super clean, put the band on and screw down very snug. it it still does not work, check the oxygen absorbers

  19. technician775 says

    Hi 007!, it usually takes anywhere from? 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. What size jar and what size oxygen absorbers????

  20. NewYorkPrepper007 says

    How long does it take for the oxygen absorbers to suck down the lid. I waited hours and my lids? have not lowered yet.

  21. technician775 says

    hey buzzy, no need to be sorry buddy……… we all started somewhere! :)?

  22. technician775 says

    Hi Ya Buzz!….i normally take the best if used by date and add a few years to it, commercial off the shelf packing is? good for about 2 or so years, if we pack like the professionals, in cans, mylar, mason jars etc, we extend the life due to the packing technique. I hope this helps…. thanks for watching !

  23. buzybeeding1 says

    How do you know the shelf life of each product after it is dry canned? New to this sorry…?

  24. technician775 says

    hi? you are correct…….you can keep the level lower than normal, thanks for sharing that tip!!!!!!!.and thanks for watching!

  25. technician775 says

    OH YEA!!!!!!!……really good with chicken fried? steak…….