Forging a New EDC Knife – Part 1

Forging a New EDC Knife - Part 1


  1. 00amunet00 says

    If you can make this I’m sure you could take 10 minutes and make a removable table for? that bandsaw. That’s what I did, 5″x5″ piece of 3/16 plate and use those 2 phillips screws right there. Someday that things going to get you. Cool vid though!

  2. Considering how? you worked that metal-saw, i really hope you have all your fingers intact.

  3. divineagent says

    What kind of? welder was that?

  4. Surveyor64 says

    May I suggest? that whenever you start shaping the point of the blabe, get off the anvil face, and out on the horn… It has the rounded shape that you need to fine tune the point…

  5. Evan Barber says

    what? kinds of steel did you use to make the damascus?

  6. MrMarioviejo says

    este marico se? dedica a señalar el taller de mierda ese basurero

  7. joeyshabadu187 says

    In this? video, he is not using flux core wire. He is using regular solid core wire, which has no flux. The shielding gas mixture is enough to protect the weld from atmospheric contaminants. Solid core wire like he is using here, is typically used for lighter duty projects or situations that aren’t necessarily structural or load-bearing. The reason is solid core, has a weaker tensile strength as compared to flux core or stick, for example.

    Hope that helps.

  8. joeyshabadu187 says

    I’m obviously not the OP but I was a welder/fabricator for almost a decade. The reason for the flux, assuming you’re referring to fluxcore migging, is it acts as an extra shield (in addition to the shielding gas mixture) for the weld while the bead is still molten, which protects the weld from receiving oxygen into the weld. The oxygen? would act as a contaminant and produce lots of holes in the weld, making it very brittle — think osteoporosis in bones making them susceptible to breaking.

  9. splendid696 says

    It’s a Damascus metal which is usually folded many times? till it gets it’s strength and texture. Same technique is used to make samuray swords.

  10. BulletShogun says

    how does? it get that black color?

  11. drewbob901 says

    I really like your videos but i was wondering if you had any tips for a beginner. I was also wondering what is the real use for? flux I’ve heard many things and i was wondering. I was also wondering if i should start with pattern welded steel or if i should just stick with regular steel for now until i get the hang of it. Thank you for the video’s.

  12. Jakalwarrior says

    Bit late I know, but if you edit videos in virtualdub (Free) or? some others, you can put in a sound filter to filter out certain wavelengths. Could have it get rid of the roar. I do it for motorcycle videos to get rid of the wind noise.

  13. Lord Raven says

    when forging, it was suggested to me that my grip on the hammer should be firm but not tight. It may also help you if your hammer is about two pounds to start and work your way up in weight. make sure your anvil is only as? high as your knuckles with your hand in a fist, this way when you strike, your arm won’t get tired as fast either!! get well soon and keep smithing!!!!

  14. frozenwalkway says

    just wanna tell you your old tutorial videos were a pivotal moment in my interest in forging. thanks! ive got a forge and anvil now and have? been making a few things but i broke my hand so bah.

  15. bassfuryvi says

    thanks for sharing,,I? so want to get forging again,,,!

  16. FredeenBlades says

    Yep, I was definately dissappointed about the sound quality. Unfortunately I didn’t know this until after I started editing. The forge and anvil aren’t really that loud, but the camera microphone tends to pick up the lower tones more readily. Luckily it will only be the? forging portions of this video series, the rest should be alright, and now that I know, I can try other things for the future.

    Thanks for watching, and glad you liked the video!

  17. Shaun Blade says

    Really? good video. I know when you make a video,everything takes twice as long as it normally does and then editing.
    Shame about the noise from the forge,I can just about catch what your saying with headphones and the volume up.
    I just started doing some home smiting,and manged to make some ‘OK’ Damascus.