Henry AR7 US Survival Rifle- Ultra-Portable Camping Firearm! – SuRRvival Gear w/ Richard Ryan

Henry AR7 US Survival Rifle- Ultra-Portable Camping Firearm! - SuRRvival Gear w/ Richard Ryan


  1. techguy985 says

    This is a nice .22lr rifle that? the military has used for 60 years. The ammo is cheap, so this makes a pretty darm good survival rifle

  2. I enjoy mine. It makes a decent addition to the BOG although I would prefer an M6? scout. I really wish someone would start making them again. Hint, hint…

  3. UlaidhFear says

    For zombies?… That says it all. In? other words – u will never need these guns

  4. UlaidhFear says

    ‘This is not the gun u want for a post apocalyptic scenario’.? What is he on about? That must have been a joke, but sadly, I don’t think it was.

  5. I kind of scoffed at it? when I first saw it with the huge buttstock compared to the barrel, but once I found out it came apart and went into the buttstock I’ve been definitely interested in it.

  6. MrXtream123 says

    Does it stay accurate with the barrel? coming of like that?

  7. I had one of those when I was 7, made back then (70’s) by Charter Arms. I like how the current model has a scope rail and stores a spare mag. Beware, however,…if you don’t keep it clean, the firing pin will jam in the forward position, turning it into a runaway full-auto. Needless? to say,…I NEVER CLEANED MINE ONCE I FOUND THAT OUT.

  8. Sweet!

  9. I have the AR7 but never tested to confirm it is waterproof. ? Thanks for testing and the video. wtr7

  10. Great Video….I want a biolite..? 🙂

  11. me likey? camp stove

  12. Camp stove PLEASE! :)?

  13. ttown32179 says

    Just got mine at Dicks $258 out door. Was one of 2& dude had no idea when more? would be in. Thanks!

  14. benyoung2575j says

    gonna bug out in a nuclear submarine…?

  15. slightlydisoriented says

    I’ve been looking into? buying one of these rifles

  16. About3Ninjas says

    I want one!?

  17. metalhead6788 says

    If I ever have to? bug out I’m going as deep into the piney words of Texas as I can and I’m going to stay there

  18. TheGlitcher666 says

    Looks like a neat little rifle. I like the compact ability of it. I personally? would get a 10/22 or m4 style rifle.

  19. Michelle Morris says

    I think this would be a good rifle to keep in the car or in your pack on a hunting trip. Post apocolyptic? I think I would opt for the M4 with sites and night vision myself. That was our gun of choice in the? MP Corps and it never failed me once…not even in Iraq.

  20. What camera do? you use for slow motion shooting?

  21. peter wehrmeyer says

    I? had an AR7 when they were still Armalite. Great thing to have along.

  22. ModernHybrid says

    From? Paris with Love

  23. Sean Williams says

    What is your opinion of going with a nitro-piston .22 air rifle for survival. I’m leaning that way for the quietness of it. I don’t want to tell? the whole valley I have dinner.

  24. Currently I’d bug in. I’d love to see you review the? m6 survival rifle from Springfield armory.

  25. AR7? vs padphone on RatedRR?