HK, Walther, Glock, FN, S&W, Handgun & Conceal Carry Review

HK, Walther, Glock, FN, S&W, Handgun & Conceal Carry Review: THE BEST GUN REVIEW ON YOUTUBE!!


  1. this is a funny video, you make some? good points.



  3. === is this? a gun video or is it some douche’s attempt on comedy… useless ether way.

  4. bestusernameverofl says

    you’re preaching to the wrong audience. no internet in trailer parks?

  5. johnnyhawthorne1989 says

    I love the video bro, i want to see more, had me fucking rolling ” you got a little dick” man i about fell out of my? chair… And dc68781 your the type of person that makes being a security guard shameful ”armed private security and could be shot at any day” dude your a fucking douche bag, i’ve been in law enforcement for 3 years and i’ve never even been fired on… rent-a-cop douche bag…… so i really doubt someone is gonna take a shot at you while you guard the mall princess…

  6. Scott Plamondon says

    I carry? everyday so I wont be stuck as an innocent bystandard such as the Newtown Shooting teachers and children…Hope for the best plan for the worst

  7. MrRemonelewis says

    Fuck you?

  8. flattrackracer1 says

    Funny video but Waldo boy doesn’t know the first thing about guns or the right? to carry.

  9. Caseyjg314 says

    I carry every day because there are citizens(non law enforcement) that are caught in situations where if they had been carrying at, lets say for example, the gas station when it was being robbed, they would still be alive. It happens daily. Your obviously living in a perfect? world thinking there is NO REASON for a regular citizen to carry daily. You will change your thought process when someone who was carrying, on that one day, and saves your life. Happened to me.

  10. Erika Hidalgo says

    love your video fuck your self too….? lol

  11. Jonathan Banet says

    I really enjoyed? this.

  12. veritaszeitgeist says

    hey douche-nugget… i don’t have time to sit around all day and check for new comments on a video i posted as joke months ago… some of us have real jobs… and we all know that “armed private security” is internet speak for plays xbox and collects welfare… but? thanks for watching!! and, as always, go fuck yourself… ta-ta…

  13. You can’t handle the truth! Next time through in 2 more cats? and jungle them!

  14. The? truth hurts!

  15. What you didn’t like my comment talk shit but can’t take it? That’s what I thought that’s why checked back, next time you talk down to people you might want? to think about it, erase my comment just justifies how you are exactly what I said you where.

  16. I have a job working in armed private security and could be? shot at any day, and if you are going to make generalizations about certain people make sure you carry your firearm, talking about small dicks you and Yankee Marshall, should lay them on the table but do it quick because you keep Mexican carrying you want have what little you got, keep playing with your pussy and leave the videos for the people who are not pussys with 8 guns telling you not to carry one!!!!!

  17. where can i? purchase the cat holster?

  18. manzella82 says

    Ummm not funny. And? men dont have cats

  19. Pascal Clerotte says

    Holly Molly! Excellent! I personnally wear 2 moroccan tabbies? ar all times!!!!

  20. luis barrera diaz says


  21. luis barrera diaz says


  22. Says the guy that has 6 guns and? 20 holsters….

  23. Daniel Michell says

    Very insightful. BTW you? might want to consider a career in comedy; you are very funny.

  24. 2ndamendrights says

    @veritaszeitgeist if you ask me I think you are? allowed to say anything you want to say because this is your channel bro so dont mind whatever people are saying

  25. 2ndamendrights says

    most people carry because they are scared of black? people lol thats funny