How To Prepare For Hard Times Emergency Food Storage Root Cellar pt 1

How To Prepare For Hard Times Emergency Food Storage Root Cellar pt 1


  1. growinforrelief says

    Another great video! I hope your? family had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. albertasweat says

    I hope I die before the world gets so ugly that I have to pack a gun 24/7?

  3. William Sevier says

    Great video, a prior plan and measurements will go a long ways in getting what you want out of? your given space. Great job.

  4. Bob CowboyIT says

    Great tip on the three 16d nails? as anchors… keep up the great work

  5. Good info as always from you and nice to see your happy? and helpful helper.
    ON the nails into the floor , you said drill a small hole to put the nails in. WHAT do you call a small hole?

  6. JoannaMuse says

    Set? aside enough room for the 5 gal wine containers…for home brews, lol.

  7. Tom Huitema says

    i think he said 12 inch shelves ( 1:10 ) but im not sure if he means they’re? that deep

  8. Great info! My husband and I were just disscussing the same topics this? week.

  9. BTW? I love that you involve your wife, her personality reminds me if my wife…lol. Always asking questions and always a smile. Thanks for all that you do.

  10. I always thought the bowing was from the way its stacked since its usually stacked on bats…? oh well…very informative? vid as usual!

  11. JC Redhorse says

    Good series, as usual. I have been forcing my parents into putting food up like we did as they and I grew up. Sandy was a wake up? call and conversion for my father as he thanked me for not having a need to hit the stores prior to the storm. You guys are doing good service!

  12. Cody, God? blessed you with a beautiful family…..

  13. HardcoreFourSix says

    Cody, how? deep are those shelves?

  14. Shawnee845 says

    I think while you have a good following you should try on how to? smoke meat so that is stays.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Hey Cody! Great video, good preparations! I would really like to learn more carpentry. Did you learn? all this by yourself? Thanks for the cool tips!

  16. I have been storing my short term h2o in 7 gal cubes I got at Walmart that have a built in spigot and a 7 year warranty. They work great. I change them out twice per year if they don’t get used.? Just use tap water that you stabilize with a few drops of bleach. Never gets wasted cause I can always use it to bathe or flush a toilet when I need to dump the tank.

  17. I like your shelf design. I would stick 2×2 vertical runners though between your ledger boards on the back to prevent sagging over time. Line them up with the front posts. Food is heavy. Might put? a wood block at the bottom of each post to spread the point load.

  18. I? like the tip about the nails in the drilled holes to secure to the cement floor

  19. thanks? for the information

  20. who says you cant teach an old dog a new trick—hey thanks, i realy like the anchor trick–& you are right when you sat anchors are expensive — they are, so im sure you just saved me some? $, thanks–and i realy liked the cider press video’s too, hope you & family have a good holiday season, C POE

  21. RocketCityGardener says

    So you said the shelves were plywood, did you rip? a 4×8 sheet down into 4 lengths? About how much would you say you spent just in the shelving. Looking for a data point to compare against Gorilla shelves for example. Great video.

  22. imasurvivornthriver says


  23. vulcangunner58 says

    Great set-up? Cody.

  24. mysciencenow says

    store seeds for? growing down there also

  25. harpjason208 says

    good to see some depression era smarts being revived and passed along to a new generation. thanks so much. I have seen lots of this in the 70’s when I was born in ’72 and gleened a ton of info? from a 93 year old Granny before her passing and also a 91 Grandma year old who is still kicking.