Long Term Food Storage Basics – How to Pack Rice, Wheat, Beans and Dry Goods

Long Term Food Storage Basics - How to Pack Rice, Wheat, Beans and Dry Goods


  1. You are an idiot if you think the? logo is Masonic. Nothing about it screams or even whispers, Blue Lodge.

  2. Morepullups says

    White rice and pinto beans can stay in there packaged bag’s. ?

  3. BayouBoggie says

    so glad i’m a sahm with nothing to do!!!! NOT!!!! you can do long term food storage in a weekend and continue to add to your supply. Yeap you might have to give up a few tailgating parties or trips to the shopping mall.? Believe me it’s well worth the savings and peace of mind.

  4. MaximumBobby says

    Yes. As? the oxygen is absorbed, the bag will contract to conform to the food inside. You have to press out as much air as possible, but the oxygen absorbers will do the rest of the work. Mylar bags aren’t like the vacuum bags you buy at the store. Those vacuum bags have little channels to let the air move from the back of the bag to the seal. The Mylar bag will only collapse right where the vacuum enters. And those large bags aren’t food grade and won’t keep out light.

  5. PESSOTTY TY says

    Do these oxygene absorbers create a vacum within the bag?
    If not, cant you just use those bags that you remove air from? using a vacuum cleaner?

  6. MaximumBobby says

    You can’t just store the food in #2 HDPE buckets, because oxygen will get through. You seal the food in mylar bags with oxygen? absorbers. The buckets just keep the bags intact (insects, rats, damage, etc.).

  7. PESSOTTY TY says

    what? are those plastic bags for?

  8. Ike Turner says

    Great advice. BUT, don’t forget that when you store rice, use imported rice (Thailand is best) because of high arsenic levels in U.S. grown rice. Also, inside the mylar bag with the rice, put in some small ziplock bags containing iodized sea salt. Do an experiment. Cook some rice without any salt. Then try to eat it. You will spew it out of your mouth. So store salt with rice. For long term storage (20 years), use a vaccum cleaner to suck the oxygen out of the bag, then seal it? with an iron.

  9. Ike Turner says

    I lookef for the logo you mentioned but cannot? find it. Please point it out. Thanks.

  10. Carol Vanderwalker says

    God, I remember when it went from 19? to 25 cents, and I am 59

  11. Carol Dickinson says

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  12. biblesnbarbells says

    They taste great and? are very easy to prepare. I always have some stored this way to use first.

  13. LadyofCleves65 says

    How does the rice? taste when dehydrated with beans?

  14. LadyofCleves65 says

    Haha if you remember bread costing 50 cents you must be an old timer. I remember it too. LOL?

  15. KevinPatrickCarey says

    A LOAF , 1 pack of bread? in Canada is 3 dollars 🙁 its crazy how expensive food is now. I literally remember when a loaf of about 20 slices of bread was 50 CENTS

  16. Great Work!
    Peace? and Love!
    I know you’ll survive!

  17. mary frenette says

    That was incredibly judgemental and stereotyping. Just because a woman stays at home does not make her lazy. Raising children is very hard work and unless you are a lazy pig who never cleans then the cleaning and cooking and running errands on top of children is hard work! My mom was a stay at home mom and she did not sit still for one moment. She did everything for us. So keep your nasty? stereotypes to yourself.

  18. biblesnbarbells says

    Good job Tess! Thanks for posting. Have you ever cooked your rice and beans and then dehydrate and then vacuum seal? I? have been doing this process this week for a ready-to-eat process. Then all I need to do is add hot water and rehydrate. What are your thoughts? Anthony.

  19. If CrowsNest2012 has actually been BOTH a SAHM and a ‘working woman’ then she would KNOW that a TRUE SAHM? mom IS NOT lazy, maybe it was just her:) (Read her statement again, she herself said that she was “a lazy nonworking stay at home mom” before she went back to work!) Apparently, she didn’t know how to do THAT right!

  20. Zainab Raazi says

    I think calling a SAHM lazy is by no means fair.
    great you are a working woman? and your home chores are done by slaves. But, sadly sahm are so busy..pssst even Sunday and other national holidays are ‘not off’

  21. That was a very condescending? comment……

  22. CrowsNest2012 says

    Allrighty then.

    As a working woman…

    I mean, I can see a stay at home mom having hours and hours of time where she has nothing else to do but seal Mylar bags…Wait? while I retrieve my eyes. They seem to have rolled under the desk.

    I’ve done both and I had WAY more free time as a “working woman” than as a lazy nonworking stay at home mom. Damn. There go my eyes again!

  23. BapidBeagle says

    I’m looking to wrap some bars that I’m making homemade and want to sell at a farmers market. Can anyone recommend what specific packaging I’m looking for?

    I’m across that I need a heat sealer and plastic bags similar to the ones in this video.?

  24. Doomsday Clans says

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  25. The fastest increase in food prices in 36 years – due to cold weather? Hardly. The last time food prices increased this fast was back in the 70’s when we had rapid inflation that almost got out of control. It’s poised to happen again – only much worse because of the crushing govt debt and insane levels of money printing. Food costs could easily spiral out of control to the point where 100% of your income isn’t enough to buy? the food needed to survive.
    That’s the real reason to stock-up.