Pt 2: “Level 2″ First Aid Kit Review” by Nutnfancy

Pt 2:


  1. Nutn’ if you like Tegaderm, check out Tegazorb. Also? check out Coban to supplement your Ace bandages.

  2. Samoanbuddah89 says

    Tegaderm works wonders for? cuts, and gashes. I work at a hospital, and if I have a cut on my hands or something like a hangnail, i cover it with the tegaderm. it’s a great way to protect yourself from infections.

  3. Kendall is a very cheap and effective? option for med kits

  4. Thomas Salka says

    speaking of? tampons… they are excellent for use with puncture wounds…

  5. love? the song

  6. mateorep650 says

    hahaha jamming tampons in every nook and cranny you can fit em in. no pun intended im sure? 🙂

  7. mysticalwoodsman says

    @? 17:48 😉

  8. What improvisation? have you made? What have you learned from your experiences?

  9. Daniel moreno garcia says

    i Love your vid
    i got inspired to make a kit like yourse? only i live in europe..
    so ive improvisize a little.

  10. Agne Lukoseviciute says

    Hey I have a tip for you? guys. Instead of that huge pack of gauze get this one: H and H compressed gauze. It’s way more compact, and once you open it there is just as much gauze.
    Like so everyone can see 🙂

  11. rockabillykelly says

    If macho is the issue, I have Tena pads for men in? my med kit

  12. PatriotNurse says

    Sorry, chimed in before the end! Good job, Nutn… There are? definitely lots of options in first aid. Learn to look around you for stuff. Heck, a clean T-shirt is better than nothing!

  13. PatriotNurse says

    Another thing you can use for bleeding are feminine pads – sure, not macho, but they are built to absorb blood. In a remote area, sterile isn’t as important and let’s face it, the cost is greatly less than sterile pads. They are bulkier, but for direct pressure to wounds, they work VERY well. I really like these practical kits (I’m a nurse and a retired Navy Corpsman). Another, rather pricey way of stopping bleeding is Quik Clot, which is made from? ground shrimp carapaces.

  14. thekiller0673 says

    Best tip for water proofing; keep the kit in a waterproof stuff? bag. They are expensive but very effective for the price.

  15. Jared Boruff says

    I got the Blackhawk medic roll based on your review. I loaded up my first aid stuff and threw it in the Jeep. Not two days later a guy at work laid his arm open and all we had in the first aid cabinet was 2 x 2 gauze pads…? not sufficient for this cut. The Blackhawk really makes it easy to find what your looking for in a hurry (and labeling is a plus as well). Anyway, thanks for all the good info and honest review.

  16. heinrich kaiser says

    Nutnfancy is probably the? greatest philosopher on YouTube and all his videos are excellent sources of the best info available….however I could not hold laughing 0:30 – 0:38

  17. Daniel moreno garcia says

    add a tube of? Potassium premangmanate

  18. Try Transpore tape? by 3M and u are the first person to say that micropore is good

  19. bksdiesel76 says

    Great video! Full of information that deepened my understanding of first aid. Stay safe, Keep learning, and always? improving. Sheep Dogs rule!

  20. DeimosSaturn says

    tegaderm and polymem is perfect for that? kind of thing because it essentially replaces the lost layers of skin and soothes the raw surface of the injury.

  21. DeimosSaturn says

    tegaderm and polymem is better for use on large abrasions. That is probably a very common type of damage/injury people encounter from hiking. A person carrying a heavy pack, climbing up or down a steep hill, they step on a twig, it rolls, they fall and fall hard, potentially averting another more serious injury like rolling down the slope and breaking a bone or spraining a wrist by breaking against the ground with elbows, knees, or buttocks.? Dirty, silty, gritty, scree will buff your skin off.

  22. woottanggang says

    Tegaderm use? on fresh open wound even when using a 1 to 10 parts normal saline iodine solution is not a good idea as it can promote infection. It was designed to hold Intravenous catheter needles in place. Your much better off using gauze sponges after the wound has been cleaned, and simply reclean and redress the wound has needed. Also Tegaderm should not be used to cover stitches or staples as it will pull them out causing even more damage.

  23. Todd Higgins says

    sorry didnt see part? 3 woops

  24. Todd Higgins says

    great stuff NF there are sam splints that you might want to look at. small compact. what do you have to treat for shock. if you dont treat it dead. rember if the face is pale lift the tail, and if the face is read lift the head. nice vids? though. you should also look into volume expanding fluids. iv’s not much to learn eazy to do could save a life

  25. DeimosSaturn says

    In my level 2.5 first aid kit, I keep my blood stoppers in an old fashioned video cassette box that I sealed with duck tape and? then keep that in a aloksak bag.