Spyderco Delica knives: Reference EDC

Spyderco Delica knives: Reference EDC


  1. cutlerylover is a knife-geek…nutnfancy is a? knife-nerd

  2. nreedbuffalo says

    I must say that since I’ve gotten a Delica? I have hardly used my Flash 1. Pairing it with a Manix 2 (translucent blue) and Leatherman Sidekick is unbeatable in my opinion

  3. great? vid

  4. purpledrink93 says

    Hey nutn just thought id point out how your likeablity scale has become easier keep in mind you gave the delica 4 the same score as the vg-10 camilius i liked the more strict likeablity scale gives a broader view on the blade with the easier scale numbers like 1-6 are never? used so its just 4 choices essentialy. keep it up champ 🙂

  5. MrHALOCOUST says

    LOL its not gonna work? that way.just use your common sense.

  6. christopher dodson says

    take apart the delica 4? and take out the steel liners

  7. PrettyGreatStuff says

    @dustinshawnjarvis ounces equal pounds,? pounds equal pain.

  8. Jackson Ng says

    so mainly what I got out of this videos is that the spyderco? salt one is the ideal knives for nutnfancy except its not VG-10….it has no steel liners, same dimensions as delicas and has jimpping. It’ll be even better if it had ffg in h-1 as well….I’d like it

  9. It looks? ready.

  10. ValueKnifeLover says

    it is all the same materials in a smaller knife. same looks too.? this is basically the endura’s little brother.

  11. I just got one as a gift from my dad a few minutes ago! It’s scary sharp! I was shaking a little when I was checking? it out at first. It’s the sharpest knife I’ve ever had!

  12. @dustinshawnjarvis The fact that you assume everyone has 20 pounds of extra fat on them doesn’t make sense. I for one don’t, and I’m sure a significant number of viewers don’t. If you do, then why are you criticizing others for it? If you don’t, then your comment doesn’t? even apply to you and thus makes no sense.

  13. generalpatton272 says

    12:48 “just a? little bit lighter” haha!!, your tha man. I am just as obsessed with weight as you are

  14. TheUSMC2017 says

    The Endura has a longer blade and a different handle? shape. Look at pictures of the two side by side.

  15. juggalomike19 says

    I may be missing? a some small detail but this seems exaclty the same as the endura, whats the diffrence?

  16. gaozhi2007 says

    @dustinshawnjarvis lol, i need? to lose weight. i feel pwnd!

  17. Another great video NUTNfancy! thanks again, just one more purchase i? made mainly due to your excellent reviews…. Its nice to have a place to go to where you get reviews on things your thinking of purchasing…

  18. EmptyScorn says

    He? didn’t mention that the delica 4 has adjustable tightness due to that torque screw on the pivot?

  19. musicfreak8580 says

    just got this knife and I have? to say I hated it at first but after an hour I just loved it, at first I was like this is stupid I feel like its goin to float away if I dont hang on to it or it gunna break or something but after usin it for ONLY and hour I realize how very very wrong I was

  20. where do you get the knifes?

  21. Chevenitsu says

    The .6 ounces are? detached from your body. That is why you can carry a Large Framed Backpack that weighs 80 pounds when the sternum strap and waist straps are keeping that weight tight to your body. Try swinging 20 pounds around on your hand and tell me how it feels.

  22. Holy? Cow ~!! Can you take a look at this knife ?

  23. The extra 20 lbs of fat is the part that makes no sense. Keep in mind that when he talks about weight, he’s? talking about weight as part of a system. Those ounces add up and can make the difference between making it up the mountain or not. Check out some of his adventure videos. If you’ve ever talked to guys that climb the big mountains, they will tell you all kinds of tricks to cut down weight…like taking the cardboard ring out of their toiletpaper. It adds up. — Veri

  24. CanItAlready says

    FWIW, my 1st Gen Delica’s pivot? is kinda tight. To be fair, I got it used, and it was kinda gritty at first, but oiling the pivot and repeated opening and closing has smoothed that out, but it’s still rather tight. I can’t flick it open the way I can do with my Mini Grip.