Survival Knife Tests Series 2: Part 2, E2E – Equip 2 Endure

Survival Knife Tests Series 2: Part 2, E2E - Equip 2 Endure


  1. The gerbers are? actually 3/4 tang. They’re not attached to the pommel.

  2. Adam, im only 14 but i LOVE the outdoors and wilderness!! But I was wondering were I could find the Benchmade Persidio, I know you said that they are not made anymore but I rwally like that knife and? one recommendation is the ” Remington Sportman Seris, I currently have one and its GREAT, the only problem I had was the tip broke when i stuck it in tree so I wouldnt lose it. I took it out at an angle though but consider getting it, only 20-25$ I found mine at Dunham Sports!!! Please respond

  3. Taylor Wayne says

    what? is the knife shown in the intro at 0:06

  4. Nick MANTRA says

    the gerber is not a full tang? knife…check ur facts

  5. nitroflesh says

    People buy Mora it only cost 10 $ and its great quality. You? break it you buy another one. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for a factory made knife. It’s a rip off.

  6. that knife even costs? 130$

  7. 2great2imitate says

    Would? you recommend the ka-bar warthog or gerber prodigy?

  8. Equip2Endure says

    Thanks for the input? and for watching. Be safe

  9. THECAPTAIN639 says

    The LMF 2? is a beast of a knife. I have used mine in heavy use for 2 years and the finish is almost completely gone from splitting wood and the grip is all chewed up but the blade keeps a edge even after splitting hardwood through knots and i once hit a rock with it when i was cutting some thorn trees down and the edge was fine no dents or problems.

  10. nobody1726 says


  11. Equip2Endure says

    Good question and there are a lot of? opinion on that subject. I personally am not a big fan. Still, you need to try both and find which you are most happy with. If you are on the E2E channel, you will see a lot of knife reviews. Good luck with you search and I hope the videos help you out. I will say that a Becker BK 2 is a must for my knife collection. Thanks for watching

  12. Equip2Endure says

    Thanks for the input and sharing with the E2E viewers. Glad? you enjoy the videos! Be safe

  13. HerrFoobert says

    If I may make a quiet correction, the gerber LMFII isn’t full tang. There’s a break of about a quarter inch? between the end of the tang and the striker surface on the butt, to prevent transfer of electrical current and physical shock to the butt of the knife. Other than that, I love all these videos.

  14. TheSuperS0ldier says

    Becker? ftw! 😀

  15. jens jense says

    i was just about to order a tops knife, and now im reluctant. Was thinking to go with the anaconda. But i dont want a knife? that breaks that i have to send back to the us just for repair on something that the knife SHOULD resist since i live in sweden.

  16. zugzwangish says

    This is not a tempering issue but a hardening issue. Hardening is done by getting the steel to its critical temp (non magnetic) (varies with different steels) and then quenching (oil or water) to change the crystal structure of the steel (martensite). Tempering is then done to relieve stress and getting the desired RC hardness. This is an example of a bad heat treatment. ?

  17. Jake Schirfr says

    Snowboarder88124….. I would recommend the gerber lmf2 or the Becker bk2 with the hedgehog leather works sheath because the lmf2 has a great sheath and knife so its all good. But the Becker has a horrible sheath but thats the? only bad part about that knife.. If u fix the sheath options then go with the becker bk2. Both knives under 100$

  18. Snowboarder88124 says

    Does the Becker? bk2 have a nice sheath?

  19. MrFoxracing19 says

    Hey snowboarder. Go with the? bk 2 amazing knife for around 60$ you can beat the hell out of it. Tuff knife

  20. Snowboarder88124 says

    I have? been camping/survival for about three years now and I am looking for a new knife. What do you recommend, under 100$

  21. michelexe65 says

    in my opinion under seven inches are not ” survival” knives but a knife you can use for survival? if have nothing at hand of better

  22. TheBlaketheawsome says

    i use a hunting knife alot and its so sharp it can cut down? skinny tree
    its a buck knife

  23. TheLuckeygriffin says

    Lmao,? ???? Like!

  24. prometheus19799791 says

    2:35-2:40 so what you are? saying is it’s a knotty piece of ash. had to laugh.

  25. prometheus19799791 says

    looks? to me like the notches in the spine of the tops also cause weakness as the bend is right at the same point. the buck hoodlum had the same issue.