Ultimate Glock Torture Test

Ultimate Glock Torture Test


  1. For your entertainment.?

  2. ImtheReaper234 says

    wy? would you take a $500 glock and kill it?

  3. get? a walther p99 and make a review about it

  4. No.?

  5. The 3k one is the Nighthawk I used 2 videos ago,? I got the TRP for around $1100.

  6. Anarchy2010 says

    You have some pretty crazy ups on that trp? Those usually go for 1,400-1,500 NIB,? or was the $3k 1911 a different one?

  7. A worthy sacrifice for a? good point

  8. donbolhone says

    OMFG WHAT? ARE YOU DOING?! A brand new gun already scrachted and shit…

  9. 3:00 GUN-CEPTION!?

  10. ben vannoy says

    how much for the? glock???

  11. EmuPlainzBOi says

    wtf culd the gun go off when he was banging? the shit out of it?

  12. Keelan Pearman says

    Epic, I’m atcually using this for history homework

  13. JetFusion626 says

    gun? BBQ!!

  14. JetFusion626 says

    gun music.? killing a gun with another gun. damn xD

  15. warriorM14 says

    You are my hero Russians ROCK!!!!!!!?

  16. I dont hate glocks, I? like them a lot 😛

  17. fps? is sooo fucking funnnyy!!!!!

  18. are you going to do a video? simmaler to big wet jugs

  19. kakigadol123 says

    plz? do a vid of desert eagle

  20. This is a? piece of art man! keep the videos coming! 🙂 u are the greatest

  21. Chirayut Wattanawongwisut says

    Will? it blend?

  22. Will MacLeod Jr. says

    HE Hates the glock
    Gold? Deagle FTW

  23. It? wasnt loaded haha

  24. MRandMSnannerPANTS says

    the russian? hammer

  25. Glock*?