AK47 versus M16 – R. Lee Ermey

AK47 versus M16 - R. Lee Ermey


  1. Well, this was American biased on guns…Seriously? M16 win one challenge
    and it automatically wins? Then calls it a bad guy because the USSR made
    it?! God I hate this country.?

  2. This was totally gung ho American biased.. I can’t tell if this is supposed
    to be a joke or if I should take this seriously??

  3. nelson lederer says

    The m16 lost three wars, Ak did the opposite ?

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  5. BlackieChan57 says

    The AKM is famous for its big 7.62mm round but, why would they make there
    new standard issue assault rifle AK-74M that has 5.56mm??

  6. Alex Vennos says

    Do you know what I love? People who actually take these comparisons
    seriously. I see people commenting like they actually own or have fired
    these guns and are some experts in the matter. Give me break, if you
    actually fired one, you would know that you would NEVER EVER use one if the
    world went into a shithole. You would choose something that is good for
    hunting or something for survival. These are designed to kill or wound
    another person not just for “fun shooting.”?

  7. The A-10 is better.?

  8. MrPieman00 says

    I cant tell if this is a joke or legit, If this is a joke this guy is a
    complete genius, if its not then hes just fucking biased?

  9. akman45304 says

    I have an AK and a AR-15 the AR is mostly all show and no go, my Arsenal
    SGL runs circles around the AR in every aspect?

  10. I miss this fun stuff on the History channel, now its all fucking redneck
    reality on that channel.?

  11. James Franco says

    I choose both! But my ak’s are more fun to shoot because steel cased ammo
    is a lot cheaper than brass 5.56 or .223. My ar15’s are a lot more fun to
    build ?

  12. M 16 is Junk.Ak is mutch better and more reliable and inaf accyrate for
    MADE M16. Try with Bulgarian or Russian and you will see what is a rifle.?

  13. Luke Hofer says

    I know the AK47 has a good stopping power, is easier to take apart has bad
    accuracy, is easier to take apart.
    I am not trying to say anything bad about the bad guy gun but if you can’t
    hit accurately I don’t really see the point in using it if you can’t hit
    accurately. I rather the M16.?

  14. KAILUN ZHOU says

    Everyone knows Ak is much better than M16?

  15. love how neither of them fired the guns properly xD the AK was purposefully
    being spread out all over and wtf are you gonna hit firing from the hip
    with an m16??

  16. kingjamesthe2ndable says

    they forget that the AR’s from Vietnam were one of the least reliable
    service rifles ever made. they were more accurate while they worked, but
    often that wasn’t for long. even today, they sell millions of after market
    parts for AR’s, partly because they are very customizable, but partly
    because springs, and receivers have been known to break. a good AK won’t be
    as accurate, but will be far more reliable. it just depends what you need
    it for. AK’s take very little training and are meant to quickly arm the

  17. i thought m16 was 3 round burst??

  18. M-16 isn’t not reliable, if you take care of it PROPERLY it will be as
    reliable as an AK.?

  19. Good to see Lee was perfectly fair…?

  20. beta0blaster says

    M16 is a better target shooting rifle but the AK is the better combat
    rifle. It’s easy to use, has serious firepower, and ammo is cheap and
    plentiful; the AK will grace battlefields with its presence for centuries. ?

  21. Baka Fawkes says

    For all of the people that were totally butthurt by this video, you all
    need to shut up and deal with it. It’s a joke made by a funny guy. ?

  22. most un bias ref ive ever seen?

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    the AK is the best ?

  25. UsernameUnrecognized says

    I love how everyone has a stick in their ass and is taking this seriously.
    New to the internet guys??