Emergency Outdoor First Aid Medical Kit & Contents Great for Camping Hiking Hunting Boating etc..

Emergency Outdoor First Aid Medical Kit & Contents Great for Camping Hiking Hunting Boating etc..


  1. Militia Medical says

    Very nice kit. Don’t use that hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting.
    (Recommendation) It does disinfect but it also causes damage to cells and
    slows down the healing process. A syringe with saline or sterile water to
    clean out a cut or wound is the best measure against infection. Slap some
    neosporine and bandage it up. ?

  2. Suiseiseki Rozen says

    those are american hands?

  3. Jacquie Fisher says

    I shared your video with my high school class that are studying Everyday
    Life Skills. We enjoyed watching your video and learning about all that
    you have in your first aid kit.?

  4. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    its a great starter kit to have in the vehicle or in your bag for
    emergencies. I’m adding to it all the time though lol I’ll need a suitcase
    before I’m done. Seems like always finding other stuff you might need

  5. MsRotorwings says

    It would behoove you to replace the bottle of hydrogen peroxide with
    betadine wipes (dilute in water to clean out wounds). If you do keep it,
    place it in a opaque bottle. I like the organizational layout of your
    bag.thanks for the video.

  6. thencamethedead says

    save all your old prescriptions too, good bartering items as well if others
    need what you have and you need what they have.

  7. houseoffire72 says

    Nice kit!

  8. thencamethedead says

    oh and depending on your region, i also picked up a few books about
    medicinal herbs in my area and then another book of edible plants. great to
    have in an emergency type situation.

  9. houseoffire72 says

    been working on mine for awhile now… The stuff adds up quick lol ya I
    might need to set up anouther pack as a piggy back unit just to hold it all

  10. SilverBinder says

    Good basic kit suggest adding 2% Iodine solution for cut and abrasion
    treatment and doubles as water treatment, potassium permanganate crystals
    for antibiotic treatment and fire starting plus glycerine skin moisturizer
    and fire starter. Bandages include a couple of individual wrapped Kotex
    feminine pads-sterile and great bulk bandages. A large triangular bandage
    or bandana, a couple of ace bandages 2″ and 4″,and benidryl for allergic
    attacks and a sleeping pill.

  11. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    yea thats next to add to the list is medical herbs & edible plants reading

  12. thencamethedead says

    if you want some really good medical supplies, go on amazon. get a few skin
    staplers, suture kits, disposable scalpels, they have ammonia inhalants as
    well, manual resuscitators, stethoscopes, blood pressure kits, and a bunch
    of other stuff. my first aid kit is a big bag in itself but it’s so worth
    it because when shit really does get bag besides food water and shelter,
    medical supplies are going to be worth their weight in gold.

  13. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    Thanks for the comments and tips! I will get some of those wipes for sure!!

  14. If you have the hydrogen peroxide for cuts and what not, i wouldnt use it.
    Peroxide and alcohol isnt good for your wounds. I suggest replacing that
    with saline

  15. thencamethedead says

    haha yeah amazon is great for what medical supplies i couldn’t get. i have
    quite a few nurses in the family so i have a ton of crap for my first
    aid/trauma kit. IVs, IV bags, tons of scalpels. also on amazon I found a
    great surgical instrument kit for 13 bucks! for some people that don’t have
    the patience to put their own custom kit together, cheaper than dirt has a
    good trauma bag, its 500 bucks but it comes with a lot of great stuff. i’m
    pretty sure though my custom one cost less + has more.

  16. thencamethedead says

    oh yeah it will! heh that’s one of the best skills to have in those type of
    situations. and hospitals throw away so many things that they don’t use in
    whatever cases, so i get all that brought home to me, sterile of course heh.

  17. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    my wifes almost finished with nursing school so yea I have a feeling my
    stash will grow quick hahaha

  18. AnonymousDiv0 says

    The “picks” are splinter probes, the “throat sticks” are tongue depressors.
    Not a bad small kit.

  19. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    yea i’ll add it to the description box it wont let me add the link here..
    scroll up!

  20. JC Paint | Paracord Workz says

    I have been purchasing things off amazon to add to my stash. I have a whole
    wish list of stuff I’m slowly buying off there lol

  21. Go to galls.com its got a delux med kid for peremedics check it out