Leatherman Style CS Multi-tool

The handy Leatherman Style® CS is one unique clip-on multi-tool. With spring-action scissors, a file, knife, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver, you’ll never be without your most necessary tools. Fits in a pocket or clips on your pack or bag for easy portability. So stylish it’s almost a shame it fits so easily in your pocket.Carabiner/Bottle Opener..Tweezers..Features:.Outside-accessible Tools..Key Ring Attachment..Material: Stainless Steel Body/ Glass-filled Nylon Handle..Size: 2.98


  1. Ivan Hernandez "Ivan" says
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    Very good portable scissors, in a very light and compact tool, May 29, 2010
    Ivan Hernandez “Ivan” (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) –

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    I bought this tool, to be a companion with it’s big brother, an skeletool, witch I carry everyday. I need a tool with me all the time, because I work with computers. But I needed something smaller, just for the times I don’t wish to carry a heavy tool. This is NOT a heavy duty tool, just for emergency use. I feel that the supposed screwdrivers are not for even moderate use, and the bottle opener doesn’t feel very tough, but it does its job well. Anyways, my skeletool, doesn’t have scissors, and these are excellent. The tweezers are somewhat difficult to take out, but I hope will get easier as time passes. The blade is small, but feels very sharp for what it is supposed to be (a small blade) and is a very nice complement to have.

    If you need to have a scissors, small blade, bottle opener, and a nail file with you all the time, in a very small tool that can be even clipped to your key chain, but easily detached, and you don’t mind about the screwdrivers (or may be used for occasional light use), this tool is for you.
    If you want to complement your actual tool (like the skeletool), witch doesn’t have a pair of scissors, this tool is for you (they look like brothers together, I’ll post a picture)
    if you are looking to have screwdrivers with you for something more than a very light use, or you want a all in one small tool, this tool is NOT for you.

    Very small and light.
    Excellent scissors.
    Looks (at least, for me)
    Blade, is nice for its size.
    File is nice.
    Can be clipped to your key chain, and unclipped easily.

    Screwdriver are not very strong.
    Tweezers are difficult to take out
    Bottle opener doesn’t feel very strong (but it works)

    All in all, a very nice key chain tool.

    Edit: I’m rising it to 5 stars. After a little use of the screwdrivers (I’ve been playing with it all day) , i found that they can handle moderate use. Excellent for such a small tool. This is my third leatherman, and the first one of this type (key chain size). I’ve uploaded a few pictures, check them out.


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    Good little pair of scissors, May 28, 2010
    KW Post (Columbia, Md United States) –

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    This is, to me at least, an interesting product. When I think of Leatherman, I generally think of tools that include pliers and have a reasonable amount of heft to them. So, let’s start by saying that this tool is not.

    It is not a beefy multi-tool. If that is what you are looking for — look elsewhere. I would disagree with the pictures that seem to suggest that this is backpacking tool. It is not. It is too small for outdoor use.

    It is clearly aimed at the Victorinox small pocket knife collection — like the classic or the manager series. It is a little longer than either the classic or manager and slightly thinner. The individual tools are easy to access and use. Each tool works as advertised, except, IMHO, the flat head Philips isn’t worth much.

    However, the primary reason for purchasing this tool is to have quick access to a pair of spring loaded scissors. The scissors are quite nice. Good leverage for dealing with thick items and reasonable sharp.

    I use a pair of scissors multiple times a day and think this will work out well for me. I attach my car key fob to a S type mini-carabiner on my belt loop. (I wear jeans every day.) The carabiner on the Style CS easily attaches to the one on my belt loop. Giving me easy access without a lot of weight or bulk.

    I recommend this tool. Just keep in mind that it is not for everyone. However, if you need a good small pair of scissors, with a few extra tools, that actually work, it is a little hard to beat.



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    Looks cool, but Leatherman Micra is same size and much better, September 15, 2010
    db “db” (db) –

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    I was disappointed with the Style CS. The skeletonized frame looks cool, but the knife blade is the same size as the Micra. Also the tweezers are slightly lopsided, in that 1 side is about 1/16’th inch longer than the other. The tweezers don’t meet at the same point, so they won’t work for pulling slivers, which is why I like to carry tweezers. I also had diffuculty getting the tweezers out.

    The large scissors are nice, but again, the same size as the Leatherman Micra.

    The only plus for the Style CS over the Micra, is that the blade on the Style CS opens without opening the handles. Thumbnail slot on blade needs to be further out toward the tip, to give you better leverage.

    I think you see where this is going….I’d recommend getting the Micra instead.


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