Schrade 2015 Bushcraft Survival Knife Lineup: First Ever Unboxing!!

Schrade 2015 Bushcraft Survival Knife Lineup: First Ever Unboxing!!


  1. PREPAREDMIND101 says

    I also found out tonight that YOU MAY NOT have to wait till 2015 for these.
    These will probably be released in the coming months. They are chomping at
    the bit to put them out there. They are starting to come in now. Mine are
    the very first ones.?

  2. NightHawkInLight says

    I’ll never buy another Schrade. I had a Schf9 snap in half in the handle
    after the first hour of light use. Rust spots were inside the crack,
    obviously showing it was a factory defect and the crack had been exposed to
    air for a long while. My emails to both the Schrade factory and their
    online retailer went unanswered. Forget them. I’m much happier with the
    Mora I ordered to replace it.?

  3. review esee5?

  4. Theodore Sloat says

    And why not open the box with Jessica? When I name a knife, any excuse to
    use it.?

  5. Jimmy Kimber says

    I am reading all the comments and i understand where people are coming
    from. chris you need to look at it from the viewers POV. if you are part of
    a knife design, they are sending u knives first and u are in constant
    contact with them-sorry but the perception has already been created of
    bias. i know u test and thump on them but people cant look past the
    relationship. think what u want about nutnfancy which is a guy more put
    under a microscope than any reviewer on youtube but if he got with a knife
    company people would be all over him in a flash. it compromised your
    integrity as a reviewer. sorry it just does.

    i support u chris but its hard to get perception out of peoples minds. i
    will see where this goes. ?

  6. cyclist01222 says

    Did the coating really come off after a few fire steel strikes? Seems like
    it could just be residue left on the knife… does it wipe off??

  7. to many schrade knifes on your channel now this one is the one that broke
    the camel’s back. good luck with your schrade channel. ?

  8. cyclist01222 says

    If these are priced similar to current models, Schrade just put most other
    high priced outdoor knife makers out of business. They look great!?

  9. PM101, you’ve got me (and many others!) interested in the SCHF-37, however
    I’m wondering if you might be willing to do a video on American-made knives
    vs foreign knives. I was narrowed down to two knives after combing the
    reviews: the SCHF9 and your favorite, the BK-7.

    Ultimately I went with the BK-7 and one of the compelling reasons was that
    it was made in America. I believe in voting with my wallet and when I have
    the opportunity I vote for American jobs. Schrade looks like they have a
    very good upcoming lineup, I just wish they’d bring their jobs here instead
    of there.

    Is country of origin a factor in your decision making, and if so, how much?
    What kind of value would you put on that? Thanks for any feedback /
    response in advance.?

  10. TurtleWolf Pack says

    I’m not sorry to say this but I think that Schrade shit the bed with these
    ones. They incorporated so many design flaws that I’m not even sure where
    to begin.
    1)the handle isn’t all that great, if it is the same as the one they use on
    the SCHF9 it feels fat in the middle with voids at both ends without a
    positive purchase point.
    2)almost .25″? Seriously?? All that does is add hand fatigue and cost, a
    .187″ would have been a winner.
    3)crappy sandpaper coating? Schrade, you’ve been using titanium nitride as
    a coating for years, it is smooth, does not cause issues with ferro rods,
    lasts well and dosen’t chip off. We don’t need to file our finger nails
    with the flat of our knife!
    4)choils?? For crying out loud design a proper handle, there is NO reason
    to have choils on most knives-all it does is take away from blade length.
    The SCHF27 is not a 7″ blade with that idiotic feature, it reduces the
    width of wood you can span, increases the chance of physical injury in high
    stress situations and provides NO additional utility. (Choils aren’t always
    a no go for me, but they are a design trend that needs to die over all.)
    I was pretty excited when you announced you had these and I’m glad you
    showed them because now I can flush my excitement and cross these off my
    lust list. If I didn’t already have good knives in this category I would
    still consider them but even for someone starting out there are better
    options than these.
    I hope that Jessica X is better but now I have less hope.?

  11. Stephen Bradley says

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my #Mora Knife, I use a axe for splitting a hand
    saw for branches and a bow saw for log sawing. These tools do one job at a
    time. Try it yourself a knife just for cutting remember that!?

  12. YourMyBoyBlue says

    Do your own research people. Don’t just take one man’s point of view.


  13. Great review but you made me fall in love with Becker. I’ll wait till you
    put them thru some hard use before I judge. ?

  14. MSRP on the SCHF-JX? Or is it too early to tell??

  15. Lokkkiiii13 says

    Ya know I really enjoyed your channel till I emailed you to thank you and
    ask a question and not only was it a rude one word reply but you have lost
    it if you think ppl are going to give your store money after you act like a
    douchebag from up north. Have fun being a douche!! ?

  16. Looks good! I get why they do the coating but I would imagine it would only
    help if they offer a version without the coating. What do you think Chris??

  17. better buck beagles michigan says

    Chris do you know the heat treat on the three knives ? ?

  18. Dr. Rod Smith says

    You guys look like kids in a toy/candy store.
    Fun to watch… and the knives look great.?

  19. Still don’t care for those knives. I prefer some thing straight forward and
    simple. If Schrade wants to get respect in the Ole school realm of
    bushcraft, then they need to make some Less bells and whistle stuff, and
    make a good 5″ Kephart, or a Nessmuk style knife with smooth handles. Of
    course they need the 90 spine, full tang, usable pommel with light gimping
    on the pommel so it wont slip. No weird handles, No finger choile, No back
    of the blade gimping, No thumb ramps. I mean look at Condor. They make a ok
    kephart and sell bunches everyday. I think a Condor kephart with a little
    longer, thicker, little wider blade would blast off. JMO.?

  20. You make mention of a SCHF-38. But in the description box there is only the
    35, 36, and 37. Did I miss something??

  21. Skillmaster says

    If these knives required coating due to its propensity to rust, it seems to
    me that if you take the coating off, then you are going to have corrosion
    issues during a survival situation or camping or whatever outdoor
    applications you engage in. I am in a humid climate near the ocean, and if
    these knives are “spotting up” on the assembly line as you said in the
    video, then I shutter to think what will happen when these knives are in a
    situation where you cannot afford to have rust on your knife—especially
    if it is the only knife you carry. ?

  22. The BK-7 is a COMBAT KNIFE! It was not designed to be used to be a
    bushcraft/survival knife. To compare the BK-7 to the SCHF-37 is comparing
    apples to oranges.?

  23. Brad Barber says

    I own the bk2, bk7, bk9, and the bk16. All of them are customized with no
    coatings, micarta scales and 90%spines. However the bk7 is my least
    favorite Becker, but the ‘7 your holding looks like a perfect’ 7 inch
    blade. Thanks again for sharing these with us. ?

  24. Kaden Coil says

    Dont get me wrong but you cant top becker bk 7 or 9 ?

  25. Very promising future Schrade’s. Zancudo or Avispa for box opening??