The Truth About Self-Defense

Many self-defense solutions are limited to fighting techniques. It’s not that simple. If your interest lies in a legitimate and comprehenisve approach to personal safety, you need to look at the bigger picture with your training and studies.

Fitness For Self-Defense And Martial Arts

I recently commented on “LinkedIn” about my views on the role of fitness and conditioning in martial arts and self-defense training.  Here’s the gist of my position on the matter. I’ve been teaching self-defense for about 40 years. Fitness and conditioning is a key component in my approach to self-defense and martial

Did You Train Today?

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristotle

A Dirt-Simple Formula For Successful Self-Defense

If someone were to ask me, after my 40+ years of studying self-defense, a career in law enforcement and decades of life experience, “What are the most significant factors to successful self-defense?� Here’s what I’d tell them: Get fit, be smart, and hit hard.

Kick Like A Mule, Hit Like A Ton Of Bricks!

Would you like to discover a simple self-defense training strategy that will allow you to gain maximum benefits, quickly, with a moderate investment of your time? If you’re an advanced practitioner who’s hit a plateau, a novice hoping to acquire legitimate self-defense skills fast, or anyone who wants to optimize

Four Must-Know Principles Of Realistic Self-Defense Training

There are four indisputable principles you need to align yourself with if you hope to get maximum benefit and optimal results from self-defense. First of all, you need to think of self-defense as being synonymous with health. Secondly, you have to accept the fact that newly acquired knowledge and skills

Learn the Arm Bar Technique for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Arm Bar Counter to a Kimura Attempt

The Holy Grail Of Self-Defense Training

Self-defense fundamentals allow you to achieve a higher level of proficiency faster, easier, retain it longer and improve it over time. This post explains the concept of “fundmentals first” as an effective approach to self-defense training.

The Seven Components Of Self-Defense

There are seven essential categories to a comprehensive approach to personal safety. If you know what they are, you can evaluate your “mental map” about self-defense and determine what you know, where the gaps are and what you need to learn more about. This article provides the big picture of a self-defense


We R Cute Shoplifters: Inside the hidden teenage world of Tumblr’s pro-Bernie, anti-capitalist Bling Ring»“It was in 1816 that Swiss physician André Matthey identified and defined “klopemanie,” describing it as an impulse to steal things one didn’t need. Researchers who built on his work characterized it as a form of moral insanity, and many of them believed it was a condition that only affected women. For this reason, there were attempts to link its apparent prevalence among women to their biological nature. By the time Mary Ramsbotham appeared in court, tried for theft, her legal defense was able to successfully argue that she was suffering from a bout of menopause-induced kleptomania. Ramsbotham symbolized an emerging anxiety…

Security In A Digital Age

Cast your mind back a few decades. It was 2000 AD, and wifi was all the rage. Wireless router. It was more expensive than the standard wire coming out of the wall, so just about all of the early adopters were people with money. A couple of computer geeks I knew at the time, guys that were really savvy about all this internet stuff, decided to make a play for the brass ring. Their idea was to load up one of their cars with computer equipment, and drive around the swanky neighborhoods. If they detected a wifi signal, they would park on the street in front of the house and listen in. Almost always, they would get loads of personal information with virtually no effort …

Lost Dog Update

Katy at the vet Remember the little puppy I found, crying and alone next to the crushed body of her Mom? Remember how she was so heartbroken that she would just sit still and stare at nothing? At least, that is, until I introduced her to Pete the Dog? Katy and Pete I thought you might be interested in an update. This is Katy as of today. Pete and Katy She was 5 1/2 Lbs (2.5 kilos) when I found her. Katy is now 35 Lbs (16 kilos), all in a little more than 4 months. Kids! Seems they always grow really fast. In case you are wondering, Pete was 50 …

26 Judo Throws In Under 30 Seconds

How to Learn Krav Maga Street Self Defense in the Comfort of Your Home

Krav Maga is an Israeli system of self defense. It is a no nonsense approach to protecting yourself and your loved ones on the street. You may have seen a form of Krav Maga in an action movie and not even realized it. Krav Maga will help you develop a reflex for personal protection. That means when you are face-to-face with a threatening situation, you react accordingly. It is a

Self-Defense And The Art Of Motorcycling

This post lists ten guidelines for safe motorcycling and draws the comparison to how those same principles can be applied to self-defense.

The Fundamentals Of Self-Defence Skills Development

This post is about learning self-defence and combative skills faster, better, retaining them longer and continuously improve them. Fundamentals first! The development of your combative skills should be based on a solid foundation of “fundamentals.”

Your stats, right away

Do you hate delays? Do you think being told to “Please wait…” by websites, cash machines, call centers, and the doughnut stand drive-thru guy in the year 2010 is a sure sign modern living isn’t quite meeting our collective expectations as a planet?Good news! Today, we will be rolling out a new, experimental interface for Google FeedBurner. The real story is what’s new under the hood, however: the new interface provides real time stats for clicks, views, and podcast downloads, which means you can start seeing what content is drawing traffic from feed readers, Twitter, and other syndicated sources as it happens.Additionally, if you use the FeedBurner Socialize service, and your platform…

Saying goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds blog

Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal reader of this blog over the years. After some consideration, we recognize that we’re just not generating enough content here to warrant your time, so we won’t be posting here any longer. Thanks again for being an enthusiastic FeedBurner user.Posted by Emily Wood, Google Blog Team


Hound Dog Bug Detector And Phone Sweep Unit, 1950’s/1960’s The Hound Dog Bug Detector And Phone Sweep was state of the art portable countermeasures for the 1960’s. If you owned a set, almost every detective agency in town wanted to see it and “barrow them.” They were made by R. B. Clifton and cost what would be about $2000.00 for the set by today’s standards. The Hound Dog was a portable RF bug detector which is shown on the left. The Phone Sweep was a tone sweeper that would let you remotely sweep a phone to turn on any hidden microphones which the unit could then detect. This was state-of-the-art…

Groin Pains – Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques

Personal Defense, Where to Begin? Try Vital Point Striking

North Park Assault Suspect Caught; How to Stay Safe?

The Summer of 2014 brought fear to the women of North Park, a community of San Diego. You see there was an attacker on the loose apparently trying to sexually assault women in the neighborhoods. Here is the story: STORY. The interesting thing to me about this story and many more like it is the normal advice for women to not walk alone at night, walk in a well lighted area, or avoid walking the streets at night seem like the normal advice parents have told their children ever since they were little – seems to have been ignored. So now that this suspected has been caught, are women now going to walk on dark alleys at night…

Challenging your Karate School!

Many of you have watched the Karate Kid or heard about challenge matches Bruce Lee had to endure from the Chinatown Kung Fu masters, and are probably wondering in this day and age – does that ever really happen? Well more than you probably think. The challenges come from other schools, various kind of fighting arts, and what I encountered a lot was fighters creating their own martial art that wanted to test. Before we get started, here is a scene from the karate kid were Mr. Miyagi issued a challenge. At the time the movie, “The Karate Kid” came out – I owned a karate school in El Cajon, California. Funny thing …

Long Distance Travelling and Preventing Yourself with Self-Defense Equipments

Long distance travelling usually starts with happiness and end with tiredness. Even in vacations when you plan to travel long distance, it becomes hectic in the end. However, your most important concern during long distance travelling is your safety. Air travel is assumed the safest mode of travel. While, if you have to go on road and during night, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Some bad incidents like accident or theft are two worse possibilities. Here are some legal self defense equipment that you must keep with yourself during long drives. This will help to ensure your safety in long distances. Taser                 Taser is one …

Top Self-Defense Equipments that can Save your Car from Thieves

The auto-theft in US has shown a declining trend in the past decade; special thanks to the government that is making our security impregnable. However, the theft stats are still very higher as compared to other countries around the world. According to Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJISD), the number of motor vehicles stolen in 2005 was 1.2 million. This number has declined to 794616 cars according to 2009 statistics. Nobody wants to hand over the car when stopped at gunpoint. However, resisting thieves can lead to some serious consequences. If showing resistance is present in your unconsciousness, than you need to keep …

Pepper Spray And Dog Attacks-True First Hand Account

Self Defense Pepper Spray – Personal Security Products and Safety Tips – Pepper spray and self defense product blog by Guardian Self Defense and Security image for more details Recently I had a long conversation with Mike our mail carrier. He is a very personable guy and we have talked about many things of common interest. Yesterday the topic was his pepper spray. As you may know all USPS letter carriers are issued pepper sprays by the post office as their first line of defense against dog attacks. I asked to see his spray for one specific reason-to see if it was outdated. And sure enough it was two years out of date. The spray is okay but …

Best Covert Spy Cameras-The Top Two

Self Defense Pepper Spray – Personal Security Products and Safety Tips – Pepper spray and self defense product blog by Guardian Self Defense and Security image for more details As you may know, one of the best ways to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing is with a covert spy camera. As the name implies, it is a camera hidden inside an object that people are used to seeing on a pretty regular basis-the more common it is, the better. All of our hidden spy cameras, a.k.a. covert spy cameras are custom made by us. They have several features that we will not talk about today. But here are the top two best-selling covert spy …


HOW SPYWARE ON RENTAL PCs CAPTURED USERS’ MOST INTIMATE MOMMENTS: As its name suggests, PC Rental Agent was designed to streamline the administration of computers offered by rent-to-own stores, which sell or rent furniture, appliances, and other merchandise to consumers, often in exchange for weekly payments until they are paid off. By default, the program includes functionality that allows store employees to wipe PC hard drives at the press of a key. The feature is used to permanently remove confidential data left by one customer before the machine is given to a new customer. PC Rental Agent also includes a “kill switch”…

Dummy Cameras – A Small Business Owner’s Best Investment

Many a small business owner may have despaired over the shocking amount of theft that can occur even with the most hawk-eyed watching. In tough economic times, not only do the rates of theft go up a startling amount, but many business owners simply cannot afford to take the losses. It can be very expensive