Preparing For the Second Wave of COVID-19 In the Midst of the First

I see the phrase “second wave” a lot. This bothers me. As much as I hate to say it, we are still well within the first wave of COVID-19 regardless of how serious of a pandemic or health crisis you … Continued

Episode-2622- What to Do About CoVid-19 Right Now

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Aquaponics vs Hydroponics

“Hey, is it weird having chickens in your backyard, just clucking around?” My son Carter shook his head while he thought about how he would answer. “It seems like they have always been there. I was 3 or something when … Continued

How To Ford A River or Stream (If You Must): Exploring Hazards and Methods

Crossing moving water is often something you should avoid entirely in a lot of situations. Some of you may be familiar with the book and movie “Into The Wild”. Every year a lot of people make the journey to the … Continued

Comfort Foods From Food Storage

“Jim, I had a big pot of dry beef gravy on the stove and my boss was coming down to see how breakfast was going. I couldn’t get it to thicken up! I was the new manager in the kitchen … Continued

17 Best Axe Styles Illustrated and Explained

Axes are a group of very old and useful tools. While many things in the past have come and gone, we are still using a variety of axes to get jobs done on a daily basis. Even if you have … Continued

FoodSaver Canning: A Fast and Easy Food Preservation Method

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a Backdoor Survival reader asking my opinion on a device she had seen being promoted to preppers.  It was basically a vacuum sealer that could be used to seal up packages … Continued

Top 11 Tent Stoves For Cold Weather Bug Out and Camping

Marie Curie said that “nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” Well, I have some very serious fears. The quote sounds good to me. I can drift on the concept, up until I am … Continued

How To Store Seeds for the Long Term

Whether or not you currently have a food garden, practical wisdom says you should stash away some heirloom seeds for the long term. If the time ever came when food was in short supply or overly expensive, your stored seeds … Continued

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse

I am always leery of any list that starts off with the word “best.” The reason being is that “best” is a subjective term that may or may not apply to the unique situation that we each face. As such, … Continued

Suburban Defense

I think that those that decide to take riots and violence to the suburbs will get a rude awakening. That doesn’t mean that those that live outside of big cities should be too comfortable with this likelihood. There have already … Continued

Bugging Out with Babies and Toddlers

By Diane Vukovic

This article was adapted from the book Disaster Preparedness for Women. The book covers the fundamentals of prepping in 52 clear-cut steps. Whether you are new Read the rest

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Propane vs Gas Generators: What to Consider

Power generators are an essential part of most prepping master plans. While solar power is an option a backup generator offers many people a better alternative and access to power during an emergency. One of the big differences between solar … Continued

Hurricane Harvey vs Hurricane Katrina: History Repeated?

These two massive storms might be the most expensive to recover from in American history. Hurricane Katrina saw damage worth roughly $100 billion and she holds the top spot of all Atlantic hurricanes in cost– at least until Hurricane Harvey … Continued

Revisiting Cannery Row: Why Meat Packing Plants Are Ravaged By COVID-19

With COVID-19 working it’s way through the nation’s meatpacking industry, I recently found myself reflecting on my own experience working in a processor and the experience afterward of having a farm and raising some of our own meat. Looking back … Continued

Finding The Best Soil Test Kit

Soil is one of the most valued properties for a prepper. I never understood this until I was a certain age. My father grew up on a farm and worked a lot from an early age. He learned to value … Continued

Pantry Organization and Designing a SHTF Kitchen Layout

One thing that recent events have led to is the realization that the kitchen and pantry cannot continue to be set up the same way. I always felt that my small kitchen could be organized better and have really tried … Continued

How To Dehydrate Eggs

If you have a few chickens it is easy to find yourself in the position of having a lot of eggs all at once certain times of the year. For a bit of time, we were doing a good job … Continued

Riots, Protests, and Civil Unrest: How to move and protect yourself if you must go out

I wrote the post below a few years ago but considering the state of things today, I think it is worth revisiting these lessons. As each state starts opening back up or refuses to move towards opening back up, the … Continued

Learn How to Shelter in Place

Just a little of 10 years ago, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Seattle area. I was at work and SurvivalHusband was at our house in Bellevue. Right before the earthquake hit, my little dog ran up to him and jumped in his arms. Then it hit.
Following that event, I learned-up about post earthquake safety and of course, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about being prepared for an earthquake. One of the lessons I learned after the 2001 quake was that if you are safe, stay put. Your very best chance of survival is to remain in your home or your office or even the shopping mall if that is where you happen to be.

FEMA defines Shelter-in-Place as the process of staying where you are and taking shelter, rather than trying to evacuate. Here are some guidelines from FEMA’s Ready America website.

How To Prepare for Civil Unrest: 30 Steps You Can Take Now

BDS originally starting covering prepping for Civil Unrest years ago, but the threat of unrest remains and perhaps is heightened in the current political climate. These are still uneasy times.  The names and faces of the powers that be may … Continued

Haircuts and Home Hair Color During Quarantine

Although I have been at home for over two months, I have been trying to pay a lot of attention to what is going in the world and the attitude of others on a variety of topics as we all … Continued

Hearty and Affordable Meals to Feed your Family Through Food Scarcity and Economic Depression

Mom wasn’t a prepper but you could argue that she was focused on survival. Not from the standpoint of impending doom from a crumbling economy or some other threat. Mom was worried about the water bill and getting dinner on … Continued

The Prepper’s Guide to Aquaponics: Urban and Soil-less Food for When SHTF

Aquaponics is the combination of two food growing methods to make a more sustainable and independent system that has many benefits for a prepper. Hydroponics, or growing plants without soil and aquaculture, or farming aquatic animals, are combined so that … Continued

Bringing Production and Work Back Into The Urban and Rural Home

We live in a world where we outsource many things that used to be done in the home. After all, if people are working jobs away from home and commuting great distances, who has the time, let alone the skills … Continued

Tasty Survival Recipes With Rice and Beans

Alma De Cuba sat right on Walnut Street right next to Bistro Perrier which was one of the nicest restaurants I had ever eaten at as a young man. I used to walk by these two restaurants on Walnut and … Continued

How to Grow Mushrooms and Preserve Them

My mushroom growing experience started many years ago when I learned how at the work college I attended. The Natural Resources Crew at Warren Wilson College had a Shiitake and Oyster mushroom project that allowed theme to make use of … Continued

Master Cooking Methods: A Survival Skill that Deserves a Closer Look

If not for our vocational Culinary Arts program I would have failed out of high school and got a GED at best. Who knows the trajectory of my life at that point. I literally went from a high school failure … Continued

11 Delicious Ways to Use Those Dry Beans You Stockpiled

By Diane Vukovic The author of Disaster Preparedness for Women Dry beans are one of the best disaster foods to stockpile. They are nutritious, cheap, and last for years … Read the rest The post 11 Delicious Ways to Use Those Dry Beans You Stockpiled appeared first on The Organic Prepper.

Making Bread With Alternative Yeasts: Beer, Distillers, and Champagne

Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are making their own bread. A portion of these same people are also finding that regular bread yeast, a product that was once abundant, is hard to find in grocery stores and … Continued